Traits for julia: dispatch on whatever you want using where syntax
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Welcome to WhereTraits.jl. This package exports one powerful macro @traits with which you can extend Julia's where syntax. Concretely the following are supported:

  • dispatch on functions returning Bool
@traits f(a) where {isodd(a)} = (a+1)/2
@traits f(a) where {!isodd(a)} = a/2
f(4) # 2.0
f(5) # 3.0
  • dispatch on functions returning anything
@traits g(a) where {Base.IteratorSize(a)::Base.HasShape} = 43
@traits g(a) = 1
g([1,2,3]) # 43
g(Iterators.repeated(1)) # 1
  • dispatch on bounds on functions returning Types
@traits h(a) where {eltype(a) <: Number} = true
@traits h(a) = false
h([1.0]) # true
h([""]) # false

And all this works with arbitrary many where expressions and creates optimal code where possible via standard Julia compiler.

For more details, take a look at the documentation.

Warning: While the dispatch works for dynamic functions, it will only be able to create optimal code if your traits function supports proper type-inference. E.g. you can use Base.isempty, however type-inference cannot see whether it will return true or false by static inspection. Hence it will use slower dynamic code.

Installation & Import

Install by running

using Pkg
pkg"add WhereTraits"

Then use this package by loading

using WhereTraits

which makes one macro available @traits

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