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Interface to the Watson Sparse Matrix Package from IBM

The Watson Sparse Matrix Package is proprietary software. Use of this Julia interface requires that the library libwsmp64.a be downloaded and installed in the directory


and that a valid wsmp.lic license file be available in the same directory.

The library is shipped as a static library. It must be converted to a dynamic library before use. A rudimentary build.jl file is available to accomplish this.

Note that libwsmp.so must be linked against a BLAS compiled with the environment variable USE_BLAS set to 0. An easy way to accomplish this is to add the line


in the Make.user file in the Julia home directory and run

make cleanall
make testall

Check that BLAS are compiled to use 32-bit integers with

julia> Base.LinAlg.BlasInt

WSMP types

The Wssmp type represents a symmetric sparse matrix. A constructor that takes a symmetric SparseMatrixCSC is available.

By default the Wssmp type uses a CSC (compressed sparse column) representation of the lower triangle of the original matrix. The MSC (modified compressed sparse column) representation, in which the diagonal is stored separately from the strict lower triangle in CSC format, is also available.