Julia Wrapper for a Simplified Version of XFOIL
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Julia Wrapper for a Simplified Version of XFOIL

Author: Taylor McDonnell

Xfoil.jl is a Julia wrapper for a simplified version of Mark Drela's 2D airfoil panel code, XFOIL.

This package was originally a fork of the pyXLIGHT, but has since undergone some development to introduce new features. The version of XFOIL that this package wraps is that of the xfoil_light project.

Package Features

  • Can handle any airfoil XFOIL can handle
  • Is able to redistribute panels over the surface of an airfoil using XFOIL's PANE command.
  • Able to perform viscous airfoil analysis using XFOIL.
  • Complex step method can be used to obtain gradients.

Obtaining Gradients using the Complex Step Method

This code actually wraps two versions of Mark Drela's XFOIL code, one of which may be used to compute gradients using the complex step method. The complex step enabled version of XFOIL may be called through using functions that end with _cs. Note that there is no interaction between the two versions of XFOIL wrapped by this package, so if you wish to use the complex step version of the code you must use the functions that end with _cs.


Enter the package manager by typing ] and then run the following:

pkg> add Xfoil


See the examples in the documentation.


Pull requests for this package or its companion package xfoil_light are always welcome.