APIs in Yao, minimum package for Yao compatibility
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API definitions for Yao.


Type ? in a Julia REPL to show the docstring.

help?> YaoAPI.mat
  mat([T=ComplexF64], blk)

  Returns the matrix form of given block.

The mat interface can be replace with any APIs bellow

Yao Register API

AbstractRegister, AdjointRegister, AllLocs, ComputationalBasis, DensityMatrix, NoPostProcess, NotImplementedError, PostProcess, RemoveMeasured, ResetTo, addbits!, collapseto!, density_matrix, fidelity, focus!, insert_qubits!, instruct!, invorder!, measure, measure!, nactive, nbatch, nqubits, nremain, partial_tr, probs, purify, relax!, reorder!, select, select!, tracedist, viewbatch, ρ

Yao Blocks API

AbstractBlock, AbstractContainer, CompositeBlock, LocationConflictError, PrimitiveBlock, QubitMismatchError, TagBlock, apply!, apply_back!, chcontent, chsubblocks, content, dispatch!, expect, getiparams, iparams_eltype, iscommute, isreflexive, isunitary, mat, mat_back!, niparams, nqubits, occupied_locs, operator_fidelity, parameters, parameters_eltype, print_block, render_params, setiparams!, subblocks, ishermitian, nparameters


Apache License 2.0

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