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YT is a Julia interface to the Python-based yt analysis toolkit. YT exposes a number of functionalities from yt. These include:

  • Loading of yt datasets
  • Some basic yt data objects, such as spheres, regions, covering grids, projections, slices, etc.
  • Creating in-memory datasets (load_uniform_grid, load_amr_grids, etc.)
  • Profile objects
  • Slice and projection plots
  • Symbolic units, YTArrays, YTQuantities

YT version 0.4 can be installed in Julia version 0.5 or higher. To install it, just run:


which will also install the following dependencies (if you don't already have them):

However, for YT to work, yt itself must be installed. YT version 0.4 requires yt version 3.3.1 or higher. The best ways to install yt are via the install script or via the Anaconda Python Distribution.

Once YT is installed, either

julia> import YT

to use it as a library, or

julia> using YT

to use it as an application, loading its methods into the current session's namespace.


For more documentation, please visit http://hea-www.cfa.harvard.edu/~jzuhone/yt_julia.