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This package provides an interface to the Z3 Theorem Prover by wrapping the C++ API of Z3 using CxxWrap.jl.

ctx = Context()
x = real_const(ctx, "x")
y = real_const(ctx, "y")

s = Solver(ctx, "QF_NRA")
add(s, x == y^2)
add(s, x > 1)

res = check(s)
@assert res == Z3.sat

m = get_model(s)

for (k, v) in consts(m)
    println("$k = $v")

C++ API vs. Julia API

This package wraps the C++ API of Z3. As such Z3's types are available in Julia by using its camel case name variant, e.g. z3::func_entry is available as FuncEntry. Furthermore, member functions are called with the object as its first argument, that is, real_const(ctx, "x") would be the Julia equivalent of ctx.real_const("x") for an object ctx of type Context.

See z3jl.cpp for an exact list of exposed types and methods.

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