Client of distributed ZOOpt in Julia
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This repository is out of maintenance. ZOOpt is now in the Ray project for distributed computing.



ZOOclient is the client part of Distributed ZOOpt. In order to improve the efficiency of handling distributed computing, we use Julia language to code the client end for its high efficiency and Python-like features. Meanwhile, the servers are still coded in Python. Therefore, users programs their objective function in Python as usual, and only need to change a few lines of the client Julia codes (just as easy to understand as Python).

Two zeroth-order optimization methods are implemented in ZOOclient release 0.1, respectively are Asynchronous Sequential RACOS (ASRacos) method and parallel pareto optimization for subset selection method (PPOSS, IJCAI'16)

Documents: Wiki of Distributed ZOOpt

Single-thread version: ZOOpt

Server part of Distributed ZOOpt: ZOOsrv


If you have not done so already, download and install Julia (Any version starting with 0.6 should be fine. ZOOclient is not compatible with julia 1.0 temporarily. )

To install ZOOclient, start Julia and run:


This will download ZOOclient and all of its dependencies.

Release 0.1

  • Include the asynchronous version of the general optimization method Sequential RACOS (AAAI'17)

  • Include the Parallel Pareto Optimization for Subset Selection method (PPOSS, IJCAI'16)

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