The slow descent into madness
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The slow descent into madness

Cthulhu can help you debug type inference issues by recursively showing the code_typed output until you find the exact point where inference gave up, messed up, or did something unexpected. Using the Cthulhu interface you can debug type inference problems faster.

descend(f, tt)
@descend f()

Given a function and a tuple-type, interactively explore the output of code_typed by descending into invoke and call statements. (invoke statements correspond to static dispatch, whereas call statements correspond to dynamic dispatch.) Press enter to select an invoke or call to descend into, select to ascend, and press q or control-c to quit.


function foo()
    T = rand() > 0.5 ? Int64 : Float64
    sum(rand(T, 100))

descend(foo, Tuple{})
@descend foo()


  • @descend_code_typed
  • descend_code_typed
  • @descend_code_warntype
  • descend_code_warntype
  • @descend: Shortcut for @descend_code_typed
  • descend: Shortcut for descend_code_typed

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