Visualisation, output and fitting of the DAMM model
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The Dual Arrhenius Michaelis Menten model Davidson, E. A., and S. Samanta. "A Dual Arrhenius and Michaelis-Menten (DAMM) Kinetics Model of Soil Organic Matter Decomposition." AGUFM 2008 (2008): B11E-04.

was built for heterotrophic respiration.

It has been applied to soil respiration Drake, John E., et al. "Three years of soil respiration in a mature eucalypt woodland exposed to atmospheric CO 2 enrichment." Biogeochemistry 139.1 (2018): 85-101.

and ecosystem respiration (REF).

This package contains scripts to visualize the model and fit it to data.

For example, it can be used to: gap-fill and partition flux tower (eddy-covariance) or soil respiration datasets estimate parameters, e.g. to investigate how they vary in space and time, or by soil and biome gap-fill soil respiration datasets estimate parameters of soil incubation

It can also be used to produce publication ready figures.