Read and write EDF files in Julia
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Read and write European Data Format (EDF/EDF+) and BioSemi Data Format (BDF) files in Julia.

Compared to all features implied by the EDF/EDF+ specifications, this package is currently missing:

  • Out-of-core data record streaming; this package (and its type representations, i.e. EDF.Signal) generally assumes the user is loading all of a file's sample data into memory at once.
  • Specialization for discontinuous EDF+ files ("EDF+D" files).
  • Validation/specialization w.r.t. "canonical/standard EDF texts"
  • Validation-on-write of manually constructed EDF.Files
  • Support for the EDF+ longinteger/float extension

Where practical, this package chooses field names that are as close to EDF/EDF+ specification terminology as possible.

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