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FTD2XX.jl is a thin wrapper for FTDI's D2XX driver.


FTD2XX.jl is currently unregistered. It can be installed using Pkg.clone.


The julia documentation section on installing unregistered packages provides more information.

UART quick start

The UART may be accessed as type IOftuart <: IO

get information about devices

device_infomation_list = ft_getdeviceinfolist()

open a device.

io = open(FT_SerialNumber("FTXRNZUJ"),9600,8,1,"n") # open by serial number


io = open(FT_Description("C232HM-EDHSL-0"),9600,8,1,"n") # open by description


io = open(FT_Location(0x000001a2),9600,8,1,"n") # open by location


io = open(FT_DeviceIndex(0),9600,8,1,"n") # open by device index


uartconfig = UARTConfiguration(9600,8,1,"n",
							   readtimeout = 1000,		# in milliseconds
							   writetimeout = 1000,		# in milliseconds
							   flowcontrol = "none",	# none, rts_cts, dtr_dsr, xon_xoff
							   xon = 0x11,
							   xoff = 0x13)
io = open(FT_DeviceIndex(0),uartconfig)

use all the normal IO functions

write(io, 0x55)
byteread = read(io, UInt8)

close the device



API for this wrapper

FTDI website

D2XX Programmer's Guide (from FTDI)

##OS Compatibility

FTD2XX.jl is compatible with windows, linux, and osx. See FTDI's installation guides for instructions on installing drivers for your operating system. Drivers are assumed to be installed in the default locations.

Additional Information for Linux

To Do

I2C as an array.

SPI, JTAG as readdata = writeread(datatowrite)