Geometric ElectroMagnetic Particle-In-Cell Method
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Geometric ElectroMagnetic Particle-In-Cell Methods

NOTE: This package is still very much under development.

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A Julia implementation of the GEMPIC


In a Julia session switch to pkg> mode to add GEMPIC:

julia>] # switch to pkg> mode
pkg> add GEMPIC

When finished, make sure that you're back to the Julian prompt (julia>) and bring GEMPIC into scope:

julia> using GEMPIC


This is a translation from a Fortran code written by :

  • Yaman Güçlü
  • Katharina Kormann
  • Benedikt Perse
  • Eric Sonnendrücker
  • Edouardo Zoni

from Max-Planck-Institut fur Plasmaphysik - Garching (Germany)

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