Julia Binding to the GraphViz library
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This package provides an interface to the the GraphViz package for graph visualization. The primary export is the Graph type. The Graph type accepts graph in DOT format. You may either pass in an IO object (see the below examples) from which to read the graph or pass it in as a string or memory blob (in form of a Uint8 array). GraphViz will copy the graph so you do not need to worry about the memory being passed in.

Getting started

If you already have a graph you would like to work with, the following code snippets may be helpful. If not, have a look at the "Simple Examples" section below

using GraphViz
 digraph graphname {
     a -> b -> c;
     b -> d;


After obtaining the package through the package manager, the following suffices to load the package:

using GraphViz

Note that graphviz has many configuration options. In particular, both the Cairo and the GTK backends may be disabled by default.

Simple Examples

Try the following in an IJulia Notebook (this example is taken from here):

graph graphname {
     // The label attribute can be used to change the label of a node
     a [label="Foo"];
     // Here, the node shape is changed.
     b [shape=box];
     // These edges both have different line properties
     a -- b -- c [color=blue];
     b -- d [style=dotted];