IBMQ backend for Yao
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The authenticate method will log you in.

user = authenticate(token)

This creates a IBMQUser type.

Creating register

The createreg will make a Yao.AbstractRegister type viz. IBMQReg that holds vital info regarding communication with the IBMQ backend.

reg = createreg(user)

This will list the available backends and an interactive selection.

Uploading the circuit

job = apply!(reg, [qc])

The apply!(::IBMQReg, ::Array{ChainBlock}) accepts multiple circuits in an array since some backends are capable of running multiple expertiments in a single job

Checking Status

stats = status(job)

returns the status of the job. Possible return values are: COMPLETED, VALIDATING, QUEUED, RUNNING, ERROR_VALIDATING_JOB, ERROR_RUNNING_JOB

Fetching results

If the status() method returns COMPLETED, one can fetch the results with the getresult() method.


The result data is stored in Dict format.

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