Jupyter notebook to Pluto converter.
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Another Jupyter notebook to Pluto converter.

By using Pluto's Notebook and Cell structs, the core functionality of this package is implemented in around 30 lines of code.


To install this package, open the Julia REPL and run:

julia> ]add JupyterPlutoConverter

Getting started

This package currently supports one-way conversions from Jupyter to Pluto. A single function jupyter2pluto is exported:

using JupyterPlutoConverter

# Convert notebook:
jupyter2pluto("notebook.ipynb") # use default output filename "notebook.jl"
jupyter2pluto("notebook.ipynb", "my_pluto_notebook.jl") # use custom output filename

# Convert directory:
jupyter2pluto(".") # convert all Jupyter notebooks in current directory
jupyter2pluto(".", recursive=true) # recursively look through subdirectories

The following keyword arguments can be specified:

Name Default Description
fold_md true If true, Markdown cells are folded, hiding their source.
wrap_block false If true, code cells with multiple lines of code are wrapped in begin ... end blocks.
overwrite false If true, files at the specified output path will be overwritten.
recursive false If true, applying jupyter2pluto to a directory will recursively look for Jupyter notebooks in sub-directories.
verbose true Toggle verbosity.
transform_code identity Transformation applied to code cells. Has to be a function that maps strings to strings.
transform_md identity Transformation applied to Markdown cells. Has to be a function that maps strings to strings.


As the Pluto.jl ⇆ Jupyter conversion notebook summarizes, all automatic conversions from Jupyter to Pluto have caveats:

Pluto is different from Jupyter in many ways - the conversion will not be perfect. Pluto has restrictions on what kind of code you can write (no multiple definitions, for example), and it can be frustrating to start out with a notebook that contains a lot of these 'reactivity errors'.

Try it out, but remember that it might be easier to start the Pluto notebook 'from scratch' and copy code cell-by-cell. Pluto is designed for a different style of writing - this will be difficult to appreciate when you start out with a Jupyter notebook.

Reactivity makes this process more fun than you might think!

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