Utility functions for Julia, mainly dataframes operations
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Various utility functions for Julia.

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Read more about them using the ?function syntax (after the package has been installed and imported).

This is NOT (yet) a Julia registered package:

  • install it with ] add
  • import it with using LAJuliaUtils

Provided functions:

  • addCols!(df, colsName, colsType) - Adds to the DataFrame empty column(s) colsName of type(s) colsType
  • customSort!(df, sortops) - Sort a DataFrame by multiple cols, each specifying sort direction and custom sort order
  • findall(pattern,string,caseSensitive=true) - Find all the occurrences of pattern in string
  • pivot(df::AbstractDataFrame, rowFields, colField, valuesField; <kwd args>) - Pivot and optionally filter and sort in a single function
  • toDict(df, dimCols, valueCol) - Convert a DataFrame in a dictionary, specifying the dimensions to be used as key and the one to be used as value.
  • unzip(unzip(file,exdir="") - Unzip a zipped archive using ZipFile
  • addIfNeeded(pkgs...) - Add (if needed) the packages in the argument list (given as strings)
  • installAndUse(pkgs...) - Add (if needed) and use the packages in the argument list (given as strings)

Julia 0.6 only:

  • toDataFrame(t) - (Julia 0.6 only) Convert an IndexedTable NDSparse table to a DataFrame, maintaining column types and (eventual) column names.
  • defEmptyIT(dimNames, dimTypes; <kwd args>) - (Julia 0.6 only) Define empty IndexedTable(s) with the specific dimension(s) and type(s).
  • defVars(vars, df, dimensions;<kwd args>) - (Julia 0.6 only) Create the required IndexedTables from a common DataFrame while specifing the dimensional columns.
  • fillMissings!(vars, value, dimensions) - (Julia 0.6 only) For each values in the specified dimensions, fill the values of IndexedTable(s) without a corresponding key.