Rolling lookups between a `key` source and secondary streams
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Ever have J streams of data that, maybe don't fit so well in memory. Well you can lazy load them! But... what if you want to do lookups/labelling tasks with some primary Key in another dataframe(i rows long)? Do you really want to run the cost of iterating i times to do J joins? Probably not - well maybe, but - probably not.

That's where LockandKeyLookups comes into play. LockandKeyLookups are iterators that can be instantiated like the following:

lakl = LockandKeyLookup(    key, tumbler,
                            key_lookup_fn, pin_lookup_fn,
                            emitter_fn = ( k, t ) -> k == t)

Where the tumbler is some array of iterables like DataFrames, key is some iterable, and the arguments labelled _fn are functions that do the following:

  • key_lookup_fn & pin_lookup_fn : are the functions used to index the key and tumbler pins for a match condition.
  • emitter_fn : is the function used to assess whether the result of the lookup_fn's between a key and a given pin is satisfied.

so we can iterate these instances in for loops, or collections as usual.

[ iter for iter in lakl ]

where the structure of the iter item is the following ( Key_Index[i] => ( Tumbler_Index[J], Pin_Index[Q] ) ) = iter So this gives us a mapping between a single key, and a single pin at a time.



  • The items must be sorted by the associated key for this to work!
  • Only tested with DataFrames each(row) iterables so far.
  • Might not be the fastest option. But it's not very steppy, and should work with lazy iterators.

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