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Note: MakieLayout has been absorbed by AbstractPlotting. Don't install it separately, instead use it via using AbstractPlotting.MakieLayout

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MakieLayout.jl brings grid layouts, a new 2D axis, and widgets like sliders and buttons that behave well in a layout to Makie.jl. You can create any 2D layout you want with the flexible combination of these features:

  • fixed, relative, aspect preserving or automatic row and column sizes
  • fixed or relative size gaps
  • elements spanning multiple rows and columns
  • automatically determine the size of objects like text so no space is wasted
  • automatic alignment along "important edges" like axis spines

Most layout parameters are instantly adjustable using Observables, as in Makie.jl. Also, the layout automatically readjusts if you change visual attributes of your content elements.

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