[Registered Package][Version 0.2.0][Not complete] Porting ScicosLab/NSP Max-Plus algebra toolbox to Julia >= 1.0
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Max-Plus Algebra

This repo contains a max-plus toolbox for Julia >= 1.0.3 for doing numerical computations with the tropical semi-ring max,+ (ℝ ∪ {-∞}, ⊕, ⊙) where ⊕ is the usual multiplication and ⊙ is the usual maximum.

This repo is a portage of the ScicosLab max-plus toolbox with the agreement of the original authors. Note: due to the young age of this Julia toolbox, in case of doubt with the result of the function please compare it with ScicosLab. If the result is not equal please report an issue on

  • Functions: description of Max-Plus functions.
  • Tutorial: introduces Max-Plus algebra via examples.

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