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This is a Julia module to create mazes. Begin with using Mazes.

A new (random) maze is created with Maze(r,c) where r and c are integers that are at least two.

To see the maze on the screen, use draw(M). Then, to see the solution to the maze, use draw_ans(M).


julia> using Mazes

julia> M = Maze(15,25)

julia> draw(M)

produces a maze like this:

The full syntax for draw is

draw(M::Maze, markers::Bool=true, title::Bool=true)

where markers controls whether small circles are drawn in the upper left and lower right.


To see the answer, use draw_ans(M):


Maze puzzles are easier to solve on paper. To save the maze as a document, do this:

julia> using Plots

julia> savefig("name.pdf")

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