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Media.jl provides a display system which enables the user handle multiple input/output devices and decide what media types get displayed where. It's used by DevTools.jl and Juno.

Set media types:

using Media
media(Gadfly.Plot, Media.Graphical)
media(DataFrames.DataFrame, Media.Tabular)

Hook media and concrete types up to outputs:

setdisplay(Media.Graphical, BlinkDisplay._display)

which means "display graphical output on the BlinkDisplay device". You could also set tabular data (e.g. Matrices and DataFrames) to display with Blink.jl:

setdisplay(Media.Tabular, BlinkDisplay._display)
rand(5, 5) #> Displays in pop up window

or set the display for specific types (abstract or concrete):

setdisplay(FloatingPoint, BlinkDisplay._display)
2.3 #> Displays with Blink

In principle you can also set displays for a given input device, although this needs more support from Base to work well.



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