Package for Julia to manager questions for the Moodle learning framework
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This package manager questions for the Moodle educational tool.

This package was created by my own usage, so the functionality is initially reduced. Due to the covid-19, the classrooms are getting more virtual at my University, and the moodle is getting more usage.

Create Questions in Moodle is a bit tedious, so I have created a import function from a text file.


This package is currently limited to multichoice and truefalse questions.


Like other Julia packages, you may checkout MoodleQuestions from official repo, as

using Pkg;  Pkg.add("MoodleQuestions")

This package is expecting to be included. Until now you can do:


Import functionality

It is able to read SWAD ( and a text file format.

The functionality of import is done by functions:

function read_txt(fname::AbstractString)::Quiz

when fname is the input data, and return a Quiz structure. fname must be in the format described in next section.


when fname is the input data, and return a Quiz structure.

Input text file format

This package is able to read a text file. The format has been designed to be as simple and readable as possible.

* Category 1

Text of question

- Option 1
+ Option 2
- Option 3

The sentences starting with * is a new category, with the name.

The sentences without *, +, or - are the text of the question. It is expected to be from only one line.

The sentences starting with - or + and the different answers for the previous question. The - means that the answer is false, and the + means that the sentence is the right answer.

The answers in the question are shuffle, except when one of the word of A, B, ... is used.

Export functionality

It is able to export to the MoodleXML format.

This functionality is done by function

save_to_moodle(quiz::Quiz, template::AbstractString)

When template is the output filename (with .xml extension).

Actually, due to problem importing in moodle, it creates a XML file for each category. Thus, if template is "output.xml" and the Quiz has categories "Cat1" and "Cat2", the output will be "output_Cat1.xml" with the questions of category Cat1 and "output_Cat2.xml" with the questions in category Cat2*.

Main program

This package can be used to create a main program to create questions from a text file. The function could be similar tool

using MoodleQuestions

function main(ARGS)
    if length(ARGS)!=2
        println(stderr, "usage: textfile outputfile")

    fname = ARGS[1]
    foutput = ARGS[2]

    if !isfile(fname)
        println("Error, the file '$fname' does not exist")

    quiz = read_txt(fname)
    save_to_moodle(quiz, foutput)

isinteractive() || main(ARGS)

Server Mode

It is able to offer the server mode.

Run the text file in the txt format, and return the XML file.


By default it is used the 8100, but you can define your own port.

POST Parameters

  • penalty_boolean: Penalty of wrong true/false questions. It is between 0 (not penalty) and 1 (one wrong remove one point), also it allow intermediate values (as 0.5 => 2 wrong remove one point), ...

  • penalty_options: Penalty of wrong questions with limited one. It is between 0 (not penalty) and 1 (one wrong remove one point), also it allow intermediate values (as 0.5 => 2 wrong remove one point), ...

  • text: Text in text format (see [Format](@ref format)).


  • If there is only one category only one parameter is defined.
  • If there are specified several categories, returns one Zip file, containing one XML file for category.

The XML Files can be imported in Moodle as XML Moodle format.

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