NuclearToolkit.jl: Julia package for nuclear structure calculations
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Julia package for nuclear structure calculations covering:

  • generating Chiral EFT interactions
  • many-body calculations (HFMBPT, IMSRG/VS-IMSRG, valence shell-model, etc.)

Note: Of course, 'for structural calculations' simply means that the author (SY) is not familiar with reaction theories. Contributions and suggestions from reaction theory and experimental researchers are very welcome. Thanks.


Assuming that you have already installed Julia (v>=1.7.0),

julia>using Pkg; Pkg.add("NuclearToolkit")

Pkg (Julia's builtin package manager) intalls packages in $JULIA_DEPOT_PATH, which is by default ~/.julia.
When working on a working node (w/o permissions to access ~/), overwrite the JULIA_DEPOT_PATH by export JULIA_DEPOT_PATH="PATH_TO_JULIA_DEPOT".

How to START

Execute example/sample_script.jl like

julia -t 10 example/sample_script.jl

This sample script performs:

  • generating NN potential with hw=20, emax=4
  • HFMBPT(3) and IMSRG/VS-IMSRG calculation using the NN potential
  • shell-model calculation using the effective interaction derived by VS-IMSRG

How to cite

When you use NuclearToolkit.jl in your work, please cite the JOSS paper:

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