Terminal UI for [compat] section of Julia Project.toml files.
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PackageCompatUI is a terminal text interface to the [compat] section of a Julia Project.toml file.


using Pkg
pkg"add PackageCompatUI"

Note: add PackageCompatUI to your default environment, not to the project you want to set compat for.

Note: As of Julia v1.8, the pkg>-REPL-mode natively supports editing of the compat section. This is very rudimentary compared to PackageCompatUI but starts faster.


PackageCompatUI requires Julia 1.6 or later.


Start Julia with --project or use Pkg.activate to navigate to the project you want to set compat for.

using PackageCompatUI


? Toggle show help
→, ENTER Enter package
←, d Leave package
ENTER, SPACE Toggle semver compatible versions
q Save and quit
Ctrl-c Quit without saving
Move up
Move down
PAGE UP Move page up
PAGE DOWN Move page down
HOME Move to first item
END Move to last item


  • Red: No compat information available for the package.
  • Yellow: Compat declared for some versions of the package, but not the latest.
  • Green: Compatible with the latest version of the package.
  • Gray: Package is not registered.


Example 1 and Example 2.