Backend engine for the Julia Package Butler
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The backend engine for the Julia Package Butler. This is a low level package that most users will not directly use. Most users will want to use the julia-pkgbutler GitHub Action.


The Julia Package Butler currently makes the following changes to a package repository:

  • The GitHub Action workflow for the Package Butler itself is updated to the latest version.
  • If the Project.toml doesn't have a version bound for julia in the compat section, it will add a version bound declaring the package compatible with Julia 1.0.
  • It will add GitHub Action workflows for continuous integration. These workflows are automatically configured to only run on Julia versions that are compatible with the compat entry for Julia in the Project.toml file of the package.
  • If a docs/make.jl file exists, a GitHub Action workflow that builds and deploys documentation is added to the package.
  • If a docs/Project.toml file exists, the butler will ensure that the version bound on Documenter.jl is no lower than 0.24 (the first version to support building documentation with GitHub Actions).
  • Enable CompatHelper.jl for the repository.
  • Enable TagBot for the repository.

When the bach template is used, these additional channges are made:

  • Travis and Appveyor configuration files are removed.
  • Whenever any Julia file on master is not properly formatted, a PR with formatting changes is opened (based on
  • Any PR has an additional check whether Julia code files are properly formatted.

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