Point-based value iteration solver for POMDPs
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Point-based value iteration

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Point-based value iteration solver (Pineau et al., 2003, Shani et al., 2012) for the POMDPs.jl framework.


This package is available from Julia's General package registry.

using Pkg


using PointBasedValueIteration
using POMDPModels
pomdp = TigerPOMDP() # initialize POMDP

solver = PBVISolver() # set the solver

policy = solve(solver, pomdp) # solve the POMDP

The function solve returns an AlphaVectorPolicy as defined in POMDPTools.


  • Pineau, J., Gordon, G., & Thrun, S. (2003, August). Point-based value iteration: An anytime algorithm for POMDPs. In IJCAI (Vol. 3, pp. 1025-1032).
  • Shani, G., Pineau, J. & Kaplow, R. A survey of point-based POMDP solvers. Auton Agent Multi-Agent Syst 27, 1–51 (2013). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10458-012-9200-2

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