Problem models for testing POMDPs.jl
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This package provides the following models for POMDPs.jl:


To use POMDPModels, simply load it and initialize a model. Note: to interact with the models using the POMDPs.jl interface, you must also import POMDPs. The model supports the basic functions required by many of the JuliaPOMDP solvers. For example:

using POMDPs
using POMDPModels

pomdp = TigerPOMDP()
# do what you would do with a POMDP model, for example use QMDP to solve it
using QMDP
solver = QMDPSolver()
policy = solve(solver, pomdp) # compute a pomdp policy

You can initialize the other pomdp types in the module in the following way:

using POMDPModels

pomdp = TigerPOMDP()
pomdp = BabyPOMDP()
pomdp = RandomPOMDP()

mdp = GridWorld()
mdp = RandomMDP()