An optimization library for the operation and restoration of electric power distribution feeders featuring networked microgrids
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An Optmization library for the operation and restoration of electric power distribution feeders featuring networked microgrids

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This package combines various packages in the InfrastructureModels.jl optimization library ecosystem, particularly those related to electric power distribution.

PowerModelsONM focuses on optimizing the operations and restoration of phase unbalanced (multiconductor) distribution feeders that feature multiple grid-forming generation assets such as solar PV, deisel generators, energy storage, etc. Phase unbalanced modeling is achieved using PowerModelsDistribution. This library features a custom implementation of an optimal switching / load shedding (mld) problem. See documentation for more details.


To install PowerModelsONM, use the built-in Julia package manager

pkg> add PowerModelsONM

Or, equivalently, via the Pkg API:

julia> import Pkg; Pkg.add("PowerModelsONM")

or to develop the package,

julia> import Pkg; Pkg.develop(Pkg.PackageSpec(; name="PowerModelsONM", url="https://github.com/lanl-ansi/PowerModelsONM.jl"))

Questions and contributions

Usage questions can be posted on the Github Discussions forum.

Contributions, feature requests, and suggestions are welcome; please open an issue if you encounter any problems. The contributing page has guidelines that should be followed when opening pull requests and contributing code.

This software was supported by the Resilient Operations of Networked Microgrids project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Microgrid Research and Development Program.

Citing PowerModelsONM

If you find PowerModelsONM useful for your work, we kindly request that you cite the following publication:

  author={Fobes, David M. and Nagarajan, Harsha and Bent, Russell},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid},
  title={Optimal Microgrid Networking for Maximal Load Delivery in Phase Unbalanced Distribution Grids: A Declarative Modeling Approach},


This code is provided under a BSD license as part of the Multi-Infrastructure Control and Optimization Toolkit (MICOT) project, LA-CC-13-108.