Julia Interface for Public Suffix List
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Julia Interface for working with the Public Suffix List at

Type PublicSuffixList

Parses the public suffix data dump and represents the data as a tree to be used in other APIs. A version of the file is bundled with the package, but the latest data is available online here.


psl = PublicSuffixList()                    # use the bundled public suffix list data
psl = PublicSuffixList(list_file::String)   # use the data provided in list_file

Type Domain

Represents an internet domain name as the following attributes:

  • full : The full domain name as provided
  • sub_domain : The sub_domain part of the domain name
  • public_suffix : The valid public suffix for the domain name
  • top_domain : The top level domain for the domain name
  • typ : Type of the input: :IPv6, :IPv4, :Domain. Attributes sub_domain, public_suffix and top_domain are valid only if type is :Domain.

Constructor: Domain(domain::String, list::PublicSuffixList=_def_list)

Utility Functions

function tld_exists(tld::String; list::PublicSuffixList=_def_list)
    Check whether the specified top level domain is valid.

function public_suffix(domain::String; list::PublicSuffixList=_def_list)
    Returns the public siffix string for the given domain.