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A Julia frontend for the REDCap API. REDCap.jl supports both importing and exporting records, as well as deletion from the REDCap Database. It also includes functions for surveys and report generation.

Available under the MIT license.

Getting Started


Julia can be found using the standard package manager, and installed like any other package.

add REDCap


Tests can be run using the Julia package manager

test REDCap

Due to the nature of the API, the API-Key and URL must be set in the users .juliarc file:

ENV["REDCAP_SUPER_API"] = "<super-key>"
ENV["REDCAP_API"] = "<key>"
ENV["REDCAP_URL"] = "<url>"

If a super-key is not provided, project creation will not be tested. Otherwise, a project will be created, and verified.


Testing must be performed on the users own REDCap environment. If you are unable to access your own REDCap environment, testing will also fail. Projects are tested according to a rough template. Several tests may fail if your project deviates from this template such as record contents and users.

Release History

  • 1.0 - Initial Release - compatible with Julia 1.0 and REDCap 8.1.0

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