Implementations of various Relief-based algorithms in Julia
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Relief.jl provides implementations of various Relief-based feature selection algorithms in Julia. These include:

  • Relief
  • ReliefF
  • ReliefSeq
  • ReliefMSS
  • SURF
  • SURFstar
  • MultiSURF
  • MultiSURF*
  • SWRF*
  • BoostedSURF
  • Iterative Relief
  • IRelief
  • Evaporative Cooling ReliefF
  • VLSRelief
  • TuRF

The documentation and references can be viewed in help mode:

julia> using Relief

help?> swrfstar
search: swrfstar

  swrfstar(data::Array{<:Real,2}, target::Array{<:Integer, 1}, m::Signed=-1, 
                dist_func::Any=(e1, e2) -> sum(abs.(e1 .- e2), dims=2); 

  Compute feature weights using SWRF* algorithm. The f_type argument specifies whether the features are continuous or discrete and can either have the value of "continuous" or "discrete".



    •    Matthew E. Stokes and Shyam Visweswaran. 

  Application of a spatially-weighted Relief algorithm for ranking genetic predictors of disease. BioData mining, 5(1):20–20, Dec 2012. 23198930[pmid].

Online documentation will be provided soon.

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