Julia API Interface to the Remarkable cloud
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API for the ReMarkable cloud. Based on RemarkableAPI, you can find a detailed API documentation in its wiki.


To use the API you first need to register your device: Get a authentification code on and call Remarkable.register("your code here"). This will create a token and save it as .token in your current folder (you can change this by calling Remarkable.register("code", path_to_token = "/home/my/path").

Once this is done create a client with RemarkableClient() which will by default look for a .token file in your current folder or can take directly a token string(check the docs with ?!)

Doing cool stuff!

From there you can :

  • Access your data! data = list_items(client) will return a Collection containing all documents and sub folders. You can visualize nicely the structure by calling print_tree(data).
  • Get a specific item! You can directly parse the data and select the item of you interest. If you know your item ID you can also do it via get_item(client, ID).
  • Download an item! Just call download(client, item, local_path). This will download the item as a .zip file. If you just want the .pdf, download_pdf is also possible.
  • Upload a pdf! Call upload_pdf!(client, path_to_pdf, pdf_name, parent) where parent is the folder ID or a Collection.
  • Delete an item! Call delete_item!(client, item) and you can say good-bye!

Everything is done with HTTP.request, you can pass any request keyword argument to all functions (for example setting verbose=2) (only avoid query)

A small demo

Here is a small script getting a list of file, downloading one, renaming it and reuploading it :

client = RemarkableClient()
items = list_items(client)
print_tree(items) |> display
├─ Quick sheets
├─ SVGD Integration
├─ Books
│  └─ entropy-22-01100
├─ Teaching
│  └─ PML 20/21
├─ Derivations
item = items[3][1] # entropy-22...
file_path = download_pdf(client, item, pwd())
mv(file_path, "new_name.pdf")
upload_pdf!(client, "new_name.pdf", "Entropy Book.pdf", items[3]) # We reupload in the same location
delete_item!(client, item) # we delete the old item

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