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A package to optimize linear and quadratic problems in QuadraticModel format (see

The ripQP function can work in mono mode (double precision only), or in multi mode (single precision, then double precision). Each iteration in single precision counts for 1 iteration, and each iteration in double precision counts for 4 iterations.


In this example, we use QPSReader to read a quadratic problem (QAFIRO) from the Maros and Meszaros dataset.

using QPSReader, QuadraticModels
using RipQP
qps = readqps("QAFIRO.SIF")
qm = QuadraticModel(qps)
stats = ripqp(qm)

To use the multi precision mode (default to :mono) and change the maximum number of iterations:

stats = ripqp(qm, iconf = InputConfig(mode=:multi), itol = InputTol(max_iter=100))

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