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I like to write up notes of how to use my packages in plain .jl files, which the package Literate.jl can run, producing .ipynb notebooks, with graphs embedded. This little package automates that slightly. Typing this:


or (roughly) equivalently

import MyPackage

will run all files in that folder. Then it will convert the resulting notebooks to .html to make it easier to preview last week's graphs, unless you say html=false. You can also pass all=false to update only files that have changed.

By default everything is saved in the same folder, but to avoid saving for all eternity every day's versions of all figures etc, I add to .gitignore these lines:


Then I can happily include this in the package's tests, it returns true if there are no errors. In fact if you type ] test RunMyNotes this will happen for this package itself, for a simple note.jl. Or else:

using RunMyNotes
package(RunMyNotes, "~/Desktop")

Michael Abbott, December 2018

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