Read Simrad EK60 scientific echo sounder data in Julia
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Based on SimradRaw.jl, this project reads and intepretes Simrad EK60 RAW files, extracting power and phase angle information and allowing calculation of volume backscatter, Sv.


using SimradEK60
using SimradEK60TestData
filename = EK60_SAMPLE
ps = SimradEK60.load(filename)
ps38 = [p for p in ps if p.frequency == 38000]
Sv38 = Sv(ps38) # Volume backscatter
al38 = alongshipangle(ps38) # Split beam angle
at38 = athwartshipangle(ps38)
_R = R(ps38) # Range / depth
_t = filetime(ps38) # timestamps


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  3. Echoview documentation,

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