Simrad echosounder RAW file format reader in Julia
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Simrad echosounder RAW file format reader in Julia


Simrad scientific echosounders such as EK60, EK80 and WBT save their data in datagram oriented, RAW format files as described in the reference manuals.

This Julia library reads RAW format files, returning their contents as a series of Julia structs representing datagrams. It is intended to be used by higher level libraries such as, that interprete the data to provide matrices of volume backscatter etc.

Getting started

using SimradRaw
using SimradEK60TestData
filename = EK60_SAMPLE # or some other RAW file
datagrams = SimradRaw.load(filename)

Also see the example scripts\rawcat.jl, a command line program that dumps out RAW files in a somewhat readable format.


  1. Simrad EK60 Context sensitive on-line help

  2. Simrad EK80 Wide band scientific echo sounder Reference Manual

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