Lightweight wrapper to declare that a vector is sorted.
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A very lightweight Julia package to declare that a vector is sorted.


Type ] to enter pkg mode, and install with

pkg> add SortedVectors

How to use

Standard constructor

The only exported symbol is SortedVector. Use

SortedVector([lt=isless], xs)

to sort xs and save the result in a vector. xs can be any <: AbstractVector. For immutable types (eg StaticArrays.SVector or UnitRange), setindex! will not work.

Special constructors for checking or skipping sorting

If your code emits sorted vectors, use the

SortedVector(SortedVectors.AssumeSorted(), lt, sorted_contents)

constructor. This will skip checks.

If your API accepts sorted vectors, and you want to check them, use the

SortedVector(SortedVectors.CheckSorted(), lt, sorted_contents)


In either case, you are responsible for ensuring that the argument vector is not modified later on. copy if you are unsure.

Supported interfaces


setindex! verifies that sorting is maintained.

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