Simple interactive menus for the terminal (Now ships with Julia!)
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Ships with Julia now!

This package has been merged into the Julia standard library. As such, you probably just want to using REPL.TerminalMenus and skip the Installation instructions below.


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TerminalMenus.jl enables small, low-profile interactive menus in the terminal.


TerminalMenus requires Julia 0.6. Use Pkg to install:



using TerminalMenus

options = ["apple", "orange", "grape", "strawberry",
            "blueberry", "peach", "lemon", "lime"]


The RadioMenu allows the user to select one option from the list. The request function displays the interactive menu and returns the index of the selected choice. If a user presses 'q' or ctrl-c, request will return a -1.

# `pagesize` is the number of items to be displayed at a time.
#  The UI will scroll if the number of options is greater
#   than the `pagesize`
menu = RadioMenu(options, pagesize=4)

# `request` displays the menu and returns the index after the
#   user has selected a choice
choice = request("Choose your favorite fruit:", menu)

if choice != -1
    println("Your favorite fruit is ", options[choice], "!")
    println("Menu canceled.")


Choose your favorite fruit:
^  grape
 > blueberry
v  peach
Your favorite fruit is blueberry!


The MultiSelectMenu allows users to select many choices from a list.

# here we use the default `pagesize` 10
menu = MultiSelectMenu(options)

# `request` returns a `Set` of selected indices
# if the menu us canceled (ctrl-c or q), return an empty set
choices = request("Select the fruits you like:", menu)

if length(choices) > 0
    println("You like the following fruits:")
    for i in choices
        println("  - ", options[i])
    println("Menu canceled.")


Select the fruits you like:
[press: d=done, a=all, n=none]
   [ ] apple
 > [X] orange
   [X] grape
   [ ] strawberry
   [ ] blueberry
   [X] peach
   [ ] lemon
   [ ] lime
You like the following fruits:
  - orange
  - grape
  - peach

Customization / Configuation

All interface customization is done through the keyword only TerminalMenus.config() function.


  • charset::Symbol=:na: ui characters to use (:ascii or :unicode); overridden by other arguments
  • cursor::Char='>'|'→': character to use for cursor
  • up_arrow::Char='^'|'↑': character to use for up arrow
  • down_arrow::Char='v'|'↓': character to use for down arrow
  • checked::String="[X]"|"✓": string to use for checked
  • unchecked::String="[ ]"|"⬚"): string to use for unchecked
  • scroll::Symbol=:na: If :wrap then wrap the cursor around top and bottom, if :nowrap do not wrap cursor
  • supress_output::Bool=false: For testing. If true, menu will not be printed to console.
  • ctrl_c_interrupt::Bool=true: If false, return empty on ^C, if true throw InterruptException() on ^C


julia> menu = MultiSelectMenu(options, pagesize=5);

julia> request(menu) # ASCII is used by default
[press: d=done, a=all, n=none]
   [ ] apple
   [X] orange
   [ ] grape
 > [X] strawberry
v  [ ] blueberry
Set([4, 2])

julia> TerminalMenus.config(charset=:unicode)

julia> request(menu)
[press: d=done, a=all, n=none]
   ⬚ apple
   ✓ orange
   ⬚ grape
 → ✓ strawberry
↓  ⬚ blueberry
Set([4, 2])

julia> TerminalMenus.config(checked="YEP!", unchecked="NOPE", cursor='')

julia> request(menu)
[press: d=done, a=all, n=none]
   NOPE apple
   YEP! orange
   NOPE grape
 ⧐ YEP! strawberry
↓  NOPE blueberry
Set([4, 2])


  • Nested menus
  • More customization?

The interactive menu has been tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and windows 7, 8, & 10. If there are any issues on your platform, please submit an issue or a pull request.

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