Tools for the design and characterisation of thin-films written in Julia.
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ThinFilmsTools.jl provides tools for the design and characterisation of thin films written in Julia. Documentation, examples and details can be found in the Wiki page.

Check julia language for how to install and setup the environment.


This package is registered and can be installed in Julia with the following:

julia> ]
pkg> add ThinFilmsTools

ThinFilmsTools.jl is compatible with Julia version 1.1 or later.

The package includes modules for the calculation of parameters of thin films: tmm_optics for the simulation of optical properties of thin films and photonic crystals, fit_tmm_optics to fit thin films spectrum and three_omega to model the thermal properties of thin films based on the 3ω method.

The package also contains a number of indices of refraction for different materials in a database RefractiveIndicesDB.jl ready to use.

For the simulation of index of refraction mixtures, there is also available a database RefractiveIndicesModels.jl that contains several mixing rules for this.

The fit_curve_model allows fitting the spectral line shapes of different processes using a simple function. It supports three models for an arbitrary number of peaks: Gaussian, Lorentzian, and Voigtian.

A bunch of functions and recipes are included (PlottingTools.jl) for convenience to plot results from fit_tmm_optics, tmm_optics and three_omega.

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