Fullstack extension for toolips.jl
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Full-stack web-development for Julia with toolips

Toolips Session is a Server Extension for toolips that enables full-stack web-development capabilities. This extension is loaded by default whenever the Toolips.new_webapp from the base toolips package is used. Ideally, your project would be setup that way instead of by adding this directly; but of course, you can still add this directly.

Step 1: Add ToolipsSession to your environment with Pkg

Start a toolips webapp to automatically add ToolipsSession:


Otherwise, you can add it from Pkg directly, just ensure toolips is also added.

using Pkg; Pkg.add("ToolipsSession")
Step 2: Add ToolipsSession to your module, use on()

This code is copy-pastable, just ensure your environment has toolips added, then copy and paste the pkg command above, using Pkg; Pkg.add("ToolipsSession").

## Toolips Session / Modifier Example
module ModifierExample
using Toolips
using ToolipsSession

extensions = [Logger(), Session()]

function start(IP::String = "", PORT::Integer = 8000)
    server = WebServer(IP, PORT, routes = rs, extensions = extensions)

function home(c::Connection)
    myp = p("helloworld2", text = "hello world!", align = "left")
    on(c, myp, "click") do cm::ComponentModifier
        if cm[myp]["align"] == "left"
            cm[myp] = "align" => "center"
        elseif cm[myp]["align"] == "center"
            cm[myp] = "align" => "right"
            cm[myp] = "align" => "left"

start the server

new in 0.3.1
  • new insert! for ComponentModiifer
  • fixes for focus!
  • new bind! bindings
  • some documentation updates
  • 0.3.0 patches
new in 0.3.0
  • new bind method replaces old keys, can now use event and hotkeys quite easily with this method.
  • KeyMaps and InputMaps
  • simplified on.
  • multi-client remote procedure ComponentModifier sessions. (rpc!, open_rpc!, join_rpc!, disconnect_rpc!, close_rpc!, is_host, is_client, is_dead)
  • new script! and script interface for creating client functions and observable functions in a consistent way.
  • Additional abstraction to Modifiers.
  • Client Modifiers
  • Modifier Abstract type moved to toolips
  • next! method to set next animations and changes.
  • observe! has become scriptand script! in accordance with new syntax.
  • append_first! allows us to append a child to the top of the children.
  • push! ComponentModifier bindings to put scripts into documents.
  • update! allows any Julia type to be written to the "text/html" MIME. Eventually, this function will include an auto-mime algorithm similar to the one seen in Olive.jl here (towards the bottom of the file).