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WaspNet.jl is a Julia package for fixed-time-step simulations of primarily spiking neural networks (SNNs).

WaspNet.jl is intended for exploring SNN or hybrid architectures and experimenting with new neuron models. Network and Layer abstractions are provided, and an AbstractNeuron type is defined for users to construct their own neuron models. Utilizing multiple dispatch ensures that new neuron types slot easily into the existing framework.


Example code and references can be found in the WaspNet.jl Documentation


To install WaspNet.jl, from the REPL go into Pkg mode by pressing ] and then add WaspNet.

Alternatively, run using Pkg; Pkg.add("WaspNet")


An example script is provided in the documentation which can be built with docs/make.jl. This script showcases the development of a new neuron type, isntantiation and simulation of that neuron, and then building and simulating a network of these neurons.


WaspNet.jl is named after Megaphragma mymaripenne, the third-smallest known extant insect and a microscopically sized wasp. M. mymaripenne are known for possessing a very low number of neurons (roughtly 7,000) yet they are still capabable of exhibiting higher order behavior.


This material is based upon work supported by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) under Agreement No. HR00111990036; DARPA-PA-18-02-03 Microscale Bio-mimetic Robust Artificial Intelligence Networks (AIE; μBRAIN)

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