Utilities for working with multithreaded "workers" in Julia services/applications
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Utilities for working with multithreaded workers for Julia services and applications


The package is registered in the General registry and so can be installed at the REPL with ] add WorkerUtilities.



WorkerUtilities.init(nworkers=Threads.nthreads() - 1)

Initialize background workers that will execute tasks spawned via WorkerUtilities.@spawn. If nworkers == 1, a single worker will be started on thread 1 where tasks will be executed in contention with other thread 1 work. Background worker tasks can be inspected by looking at WorkerUtilities.WORKER_TASKS.


WorkerUtilities.@spawn expr
WorkerUtilities.@spawn passthroughstorage expr

Similar to Threads.@spawn, schedule and execute a task (given by expr) that will be run on a "background worker" (see WorkerUtilities.init).

In the 2-argument invocation, passthroughstorage controls whether the task-local storage of the current_task() should be "passed through" to the spawned task.


Lockable(value, lock = ReentrantLock())

Creates a Lockable object that wraps value and associates it with the provided lock.

lock(f::Function, l::Lockable)

Acquire the lock associated with l, execute f with the lock held, and release the lock when f returns. f will receive one positional argument: the value wrapped by l. If the lock is already locked by a different task/thread, wait for it to become available. When this function returns, the lock has been released, so the caller should not attempt to unlock it.

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