Metaheuristics for solving bilevel optimization problems.
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This package implements different heuristic and metaheuristic algorithms for Bilevel Optimization (BO).

Build Status

BilevelHeuristics.jl is still in early development so please send feedback or open issues.


Open the Julia REPL (Julia 1.6 or later) and press ] to open the Pkg prompt. To add this package, use the add command:

Type ]

pkg> add BilevelHeuristics

Or, equivalently, via the Pkg API:

julia> import Pkg; Pkg.add("BilevelHeuristics")


Current implemented Bilevel Metaheuristics include:

  • BCA: Bilevel Centers Algorithm
  • QBCA: BCA with a lower-level Quasi-Newton optimization method.
  • QBCA2: Improved QBCA (implements conditions to avoid pseudo-feasible solutions)
  • SABO: Surrogate-assisted Bilevel Optimization.
  • SMS-MOBO: S-metic-selection-based Multi-objective Bilevel Optimization.
  • BLEMO: Bilevel Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization


The following example illustrates the usage of BilevelHeuristics.jl. Here, BCA is used, but this example works for the other optimizers.

Defining objective functions corresponding to the BO problem.

Upper level (leader problem):

using BilevelHeuristics

F(x, y) = sum(x.^2) + sum(y.^2)
bounds_ul = [-ones(5) ones(5)] 

Lower level (follower problem):

f(x, y) = sum((x - y).^2) + y[1]^2
bounds_ll = [-ones(5) ones(5)];

Approximate solution:

res = optimize(F, f, bounds_ul, bounds_ll, BCA())


+=========== RESULT ==========+
  iteration: 108
          F: 4.03387e-10
          f: 2.94824e-10
          x: [-1.1460768817533927e-5, 7.231706879604178e-6, 3.818596951258517e-6, 2.294324313691869e-6, 1.8770952450067828e-6]
          y: [1.998748659975197e-6, 9.479307908087866e-6, 6.180041276047425e-6, -7.642051857319683e-6, 2.434166021682429e-6]
    F calls: 2503
    f calls: 5062617
    Message: Stopped due UL function evaluations limitations. 
 total time: 26.8142 s
x, y = minimizer(res) # upper (x) and lower (y) level decision vectors
Fmin, fmin = minimum(res) # upper and lower objective values.

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