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A Julia package to create EPUB files from Documenter.jl sources for use with e-reader devices.

The code is basically a modified and extended version of Documenters.jl HTMLWriter and took in a couple of Franklin.jl code snippets.


Specify the format as EPUB():

using Pkg
using Documenter
using DocumenterEpub
   sitename="your-publication",    # publication name
   source="path-of-doc",           # as usual
   pages=["",""], # as usual (but won't hide pages)
   version="1.0"                   # shown on the titlepage
   authors="me"                    # shown on the titlepage
   repo="https://github..."        # used to set the source in the EPUB metadata
       color=false,                # syntax highlighting will use colors
       lang="en",                  # publication language
       snap_animation=true         # only take first frame of an animated gif

Features / Design choices

  • Target e-ink e-reader devices - Tablets/Computers will not have a problem displaying the HTML output version of Documenter
  • Create EPUB 3.2 files, but stay backward compatible where possible (e.g. include the navigation as .ncx file)
  • Use a simple layout/CSS to be compatible with older e-reader devices
  • Use JuliaMono for code
  • No JavaScript dependency in the resulting EPUB through:
    • prerendering of syntax highlighting for code listings using Highlight.js
    • prerendering of LaTeX math/formulas into SVG (epub 3.2 spec contains MathML but this is poorly supported... )
  • I've chosen the controversial route of letting code listings wrap the source code on whitespace
  • Keep the options to a minimum - currently only one option (color=true/false)
  • Remote links are displayed but aren't active
  • Files that can't be shown on e-reader devices are removed (e.g. videos)



  • Compatibility with Documenter v0.27.x
  • Update of MathJax, JuliaMono and Highlights code highlighting

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