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A documentation generator for Julia.

Documentation Build Status


The package can be installed with the Julia package manager. From the Julia REPL, type ] to enter the Pkg REPL mode and run:

pkg> add Documenter

Or, equivalently, via the Pkg API:

julia> import Pkg; Pkg.add("Documenter")


  • STABLEdocumentation of the most recently tagged version.
  • DEVELdocumentation of the in-development version.

Project Status

The package is tested against, and being developed for, Julia 1.6 and above on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Questions and Contributions

Usage questions can be posted on the Julia Discourse forum under the documenter tag, in the #documentation channel of the Julia Slack and/or in the JuliaDocs Gitter chat room.

Contributions are very welcome, as are feature requests and suggestions. Please open an issue if you encounter any problems. The contributing page has a few guidelines that should be followed when opening pull requests and contributing code.

Related packages

There are several packages that extend Documenter in different ways. The JuliaDocs organization maintains:

Other third-party packages that can be combined with Documenter include:

Finally, there are also a few other packages in the Julia ecosystem that are similar to Documenter, but fill a slightly different niche: