Drill hole utilities for the GeoStats.jl framework
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DrillHoles.jl is a package written in Julia for drill holes desurvey and compositing.


First, it is necessary to install Julia. Installation instructions for Windows, Linux and macOS are available here.

To install DrillHoles.jl package: open a terminal, type julia to open the REPL and then install the package with the following command. Additionally, the GeoStats.jl package is also installed to run the example later.

using Pkg; Pkg.add("DrillHoles"); Pkg.add("GeoStats")

Drill hole tables

Before using the package, it is necessary to have a collar table, a survey table and at least one interval table (such as assay and lithology). They can be passed as CSV file or DataFrame. Examples of data tables are shown below:

Usage example

using DrillHoles

# Inform drill hole tables and main columns
collar = Collar(file="C:/collar.csv", holeid=:HOLEID, x=:X, y=:Y, z=:Z)
survey = Survey(file="C:/survey.csv", holeid=:HOLEID, at=:AT, azm=:AZM, dip=:DIP)
assay  = Interval(file="C:/assay.csv", holeid=:HOLEID, from=:FROM, to=:TO)
litho  = Interval(file="C:/litho.csv", holeid=:HOLEID, from=:FROM, to=:TO)

# Desurvey drill hole tables
dh = drillhole(collar, survey, [assay, litho])

# The DrillHole object created have 4 components
dh.table  # the desurveyed drill hole table
dh.trace  # the trace file with coordinates at surveyed depths
dh.pars   # the main column names
dh.warns  # the table of warning and errors identified during desurvey

# Composite drillhole using :equalcomp mode, which seeks to create composites
# with the exact `interval` length;  borders are discarded if have length below
# `mincomp`. Max composite length = `interval`
comps = composite(dh, interval=1.0, zone=:LITHO, mode=:equalcomp)

# Composite drillhole using :equalcomp mode; composite lengths are defined
# seeking to include all possible intervals with length above `mincomp`.
# Max composite length = 1.5*`interval`
comps = composite(dh, interval=1.0, zone=:LITHO, mode=:nodiscard)

# To use the drill hole file as PointSet into GeoStats.jl framework
using GeoStats
pointset = georef(comps.table, (:X,:Y,:Z))


The documentation of the main functions are available as docstrings

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