A package to calculate ensemble averaged waves in heterogeneous materials. The focus is on wave propagation, scattering, and reflection, from particulate and porous materials.
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A Julia package for calculating, processing and plotting waves travelling in heterogeneous materials. The focus is on ensemble averaged waves.

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At present, the package focuses on materails filled with randomly placed particles. You can calculate effective wavenumbers for 2D [1] and 3D [4] acoustics, wave transimission and wave reflection in 2D [1,2,3] and 3D [4], and scattering from an inhomogenious sphere [4]. See these notes for brief formulas on effective wavenumbers.

Together with MultipleScattering.jl, this package has been setup to easily extend to other dimensions, materials, and types of waves, such as elastic and electromagnetic waves.


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More examples

For more examples and details go to docs/src/examples/.

Acknowledgements and contributing

This library was originally written by Artur L Gower. Contributions are very welcome.

The implementation of the Percus-Yevick pair correlation was based these notes [5].

The low frequency effective properties was based on these notes.


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