A package to calculate ensemble averaged waves in heterogeneous materials. The focus is on wave propagation, scattering, and reflection, from particulate and porous materials.
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A Julia package for calculating, processing and plotting waves travelling in heterogeneous materials. The focus is on ensemble averaged waves.

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At present, the packages calculates effective wavenumbers, wave transimission and wave reflection from random particulate materials in two-dimensions, see arXiv preprint for details on the mathematics, or these notes for the formulas.


Type into Julia:

using Pkg

using EffectiveWaves


  • STABLEdocumentation of the most recently tagged version.
  • DEVELdocumentation of the in-development version.

Simple example

Effective wavenumbers for two species randomly (uniformly) distributed in Glycerol.

#where: ρ = density, r = radius, c = wavespeed, and volfrac = volume fraction

const WaterDistilled= Medium=0.998*1000, c = 1496.0)
const Glycerol      = Medium=1.26*1000,  c = 1904.0)

species = [
    Specie=WaterDistilled.ρ,r=30.e-6, c=WaterDistilled.c, volfrac=0.1),
    Specie=Inf, r=100.0e-6, c=2.0, volfrac=0.2)
# background medium
background = Glycerol

Calculate effective wavenumbers:

# angular frequencies
ωs = LinRange(0.01,1.0,60)*30.0e6
wavenumbers = wavenumber_low_volfrac(ωs, background, species)

speeds = ωs./real(wavenumbers)
attenuations = imag(wavenumbers)

For a list of possible materials go to src/materials.jl.

More examples

For more examples and details go to docs/src/examples/.

Acknowledgements and contributing

This library was originally written by Artur L Gower. Contributions are very welcome.


[1] Gower AL, Smith MJ, Parnell WJ, Abrahams ID. Reflection from a multi-species material and its transmitted effective wavenumber. Proc. R. Soc. A. 2018 Apr 1;474(2212):20170864.

[2] Gower, Artur L., William J. Parnell, and I. David Abrahams. "Multiple waves propagate in random particulate materials." SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 79.6 (2019): 2569-2592.

[3] Gower, Artur L., I. David Abrahams, and William J. Parnell. "A proof that multiple waves propagate in ensemble-averaged particulate materials." Proceedings of the Royal Society A 475.2229 (2019): 20190344.

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