A Julia package for fitting the equation of state of solids, and more
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To be deprecated: This package will be replaced by EquationsOfStateOfSolids.jl!


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This package implements some equations of state (EOS) of solids which are useful in research. It currently includes:

  1. Murnaghan EOS
  2. Birch–Murnaghan EOS family:
    1. BirchMurnaghan2nd
    2. BirchMurnaghan3rd
    3. BirchMurnaghan4th
    4. BirchMurnaghan5th
  3. Vinet EOS
  4. Poirier–Tarantola EOS family:
    1. PoirierTarantola2nd
    2. PoirierTarantola3rd
    3. PoirierTarantola4th
    4. PoirierTarantola5th
  5. AntonSchmidt EOS (experimental)
  6. BreenanStacey EOS (experimental)

The formulae are referenced from Ref. 1.

This package also includes linear and nonlinear fitting methods, also referenced from Ref. 1.

See its documentation.



  • Implement nonlinear fitting using CMPFit.jl.


  1. A. Otero-De-La-Roza, V. Luaña, Comput. Phys. Commun. 182, 1708–1720 (2011).

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