Julia's interface to the Firebase's REST API. Covers cloud firestore, cloud storage, firebase authenication, realtime database
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Firebase.jl : Julia Firebase

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Firebase.jl is the solution for working with Firebase with the Julia programming language.


Firebase isn't endorsing this project and hasn't built this project. So use it at your own discretion and risk.


Stable Version

# Enter ']' from the REPL to enter Pkg mode.
pkg> add Firebase

Dev Version

using Pkg
# Enter ']' from the REPL to enter Pkg mode.
pkg> add

Cloud Firestore

To fetch a document

using Firebase

Firebase.init("[FIREBASE_ADMIN_SDK].json") # just init() works too

# if you have multiple sdk key files, in your project make a firebase folder and put all key in that folder

Firebase.init() will look something like this:

julia> Firebase.init()
Choose your admin sdk key for use:
 > firebase/fir-jl-457eb-firebase-adminsdk-40928-b1054bfad0.json
Project Admin SDK key is firebase/fir-jl-457eb-firebase-adminsdk-40928-b1054bfad0.json now!!
project_id: fir-jl-457eb

To get document or a collection:

res = get_request("/firebase_test/firebase_get") # document get
res = get_request("/firebase_test/firebase_get/firebase_get_collection") # collection fetch

To Update/Insert a document


To get list of documents


Realtime Database

Initializing the realdb for the base url, reduces the effort later

Base Url set:""

GET - Reading Data

Data from your Realtime Database can be read by issuing an HTTP GET request to an endpoint. The following example demonstrates how you might retrieve a user's name that you had previously stored in Realtime Database.

julia> realdb_get("/firebase_test")
ulia> realdb_get("/firebase_test")
GET successful
Dict{String, Any} with 3 entries

POST - Pushing Data

To accomplish the equivalent of the JavaScript push() method (see Lists of Data), you can issue a POST request. A successful request is indicated by a 200 OK HTTP status code. The response contains the child name of the new data specified in the POST request.

julia> realdb_post("/firebase_test/firebase_new/","""{"hello":1}""")
POST successful
Dict{String, Any} with 1 entry:
  "name" => "-McElRx3ZBP-l7pCF0LN"

DELETE - Removing Data

You can delete data with a DELETE request A successful DELETE request is indicated by a 200 OK HTTP status code with a response containing JSON null.

julia> realdb_delete("/firebase_test/firebase_new")
DELETE successful

PUT - Writing Data

You can write data with a PUT request. A successful request is indicated by a 200 OK HTTP status code. The response contains the data specified in the PUT request.

julia> realdb_put("/firebase_test/firebase_new/","""{"hello":1}""")
PUT successful
Dict{String, Any} with 1 entry:
  "name" => "-McElRx3ZBP-l7pCF0LN"

Projects using this project

  • Volka-bot - Bot provides various features like roles setup, rule embed setup, most importantly the ability to track the changes(commits) in github projects, new video releases on youtube and new blog posts after they have been subscribed in the server. To track the changes in the bot, bot check hourly for updates. Multiple git repos, youtube channels and blog subscriptions can be tracked.


For further examples, guides and reference please refer to the documentation linked above.


Pull requests are welcome! In most cases, it will be helpful to discuss the change you would like to make on Discord before diving in too deep.


Thanks to below mentioned projects as I used them as reference:

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