A package for Gaussian random field generation in Julia
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GaussianRandomFields is a Julia package to compute and sample from Gaussian random fields.

Key Features

  • Support for stationary separable and non-separable isotropic and anisotropic Gaussian random fields.
  • We provide most standard covariance functions such as Gaussian, Exponential and Matérn covariances. Adding a user-defined covariance function is very easy.
  • Implementation of most common methods to generate Gaussian random fields: Cholesky factorization, eigenvalue decomposition, Karhunen-Loève expansion and circulant embedding.
  • Easy generation of Gaussian random fields defined on a Finite Element mesh.
  • Versatile plotting features for easy visualisation of Gaussian random fields using Plots.jl.


GaussianRandomFields is a registered package and so can be installed via

] add GaussianRandomFields


  • See the Tutorial for an introduction on how to use this package (including fancy pictures!)
  • See the API for a detailed manual


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